The Final Stretch

We have reached the final stretch of Nicole’s pregnancy. At week 30 with 10 weeks remaining, baby Finn will be arriving soon!


Me (CleanSlate bio)As Nicole’s pregnancy reaches the 30th week, already in the 3rd trimester, we are in the final stretch for baby Finn’s arrival.  It is hard to believe he will be here in less than ten weeks!

Nicole and I are beyond excited!!!  I wanted to provide an update on everything that has happened with us (and Finn) since the “Meet Phoenix” post I wrote earlier this year.


Since my last post (in Mid-March), both Nicole and Phoenix (aka “Finn”) have been doing wonderful.

I guess I should add that I have been doing wonderful too, but why wouldn’t I?

Nicole at Myrtle Beach (April 2017)We were fortunate to take a quick trip to Myrtle Beach in April, which provided some much-needed sunshine and (of course) some photo opportunities.  As a parent, you hope that your children will remember vacations you spend together during their early years.  I am quite certain baby Finn will not remember this trip to Myrtle Beach, though.  But, I will tell him that he had a wonderful time in his womb as we took in the experience along the east coast.

We also spent time preparing the nursery together.  To get things started, we added a coat of fresh paint to replace the not-so-dynamic white color that previously colored the walls.  Then, we slowly started adding all the elements to his room.

Last winter, Nicole found the crib of her dreams and ended up getting an amazing deal on the crib from Buy Buy Baby.  She also found some very cool lettering with the name “Phoenix” and complimented the walls with photos, signs and a collection of stuffed animal heads – which are very cool.  Setting up baby Finn’s nursery has been an awesome experience together.  Below, is a photo of a portion of the nursery:

Phoenix nursery

We have been working out more at the gym now and doing a lot of walking, since Nicole has cut back her hours.  Our time together has truly allowed our relationship to grow stronger than ever before.  She is telling friends that at week 40 she is “going to walk non-stop until she goes into labor with baby Finn.”  You should see her beautiful face when she tells people her plan.  Classic!

Baby Finn Update

Today, we visited Dr. Perry for baby Finn’s 30 week appointment.  While our baby is 30 weeks and 4 days old, he registered as 31 weeks and 1 day.  Based upon the ultrasound, he is estimated at weighing 3 pounds, 11 ounces at this point.  Dr. Perry gave both Nicole and our precious angel an excellent report.  We are super excited and baby Finn says “hello” to everyone:


Watching and feeling our baby move has been very exciting.  Weeks ago, the movements were very subtle and required some patience to feel.  Now, the movements are far more frequent and you can even see baby Finn move inside his womb over Nicole’s clothing.  I love talking directly to him as we enjoy his movements.  I just wish he wasn’t so rambunctious at times, since it can be hard on his momma’s body.

Looking Ahead

With less than ten weeks remaining, we have some exciting events on the calendar.

CropBabyShowerInvitationOur very good friends are hosting a combination cookout/baby shower (calling it a “backyard babyQ”) for us, which is going to be a blast.  In fact, Nicole’s sister and family will be joining us for the event – flying to Indiana from Florida … with one nephew flying in from Las Vegas.  We are super excited to have them share in this awesome event!

We also have a scheduled tour of the birthing center at the hospital.  I am very excited to be a part of baby Finn being born, as this will be a first such opportunity for me.

Beyond that, we are looking forward to the appointments with her OB/GYN as the weeks count down through our final stretch for Phoenix’s arrival.  At least one more ultrasound is planned, I wish we could have one every week.

Blessed Beyond Words

Writing is something I truly love to do.  I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to construct creative works as a part of my role as a Sr. Architect at CleanSlate, contribute original articles each month at, and I check-in from time to time on this personal blog.  However, I truly struggle to put into words just how blessed I truly am.

NicoleOnBrickStreetHaving Nicole in my life and the love we share together is simply beyond any words I can compose to truly express my feelings about her.  Sharing our pregnancy has not only allowed our bond to grow closer, but it has formed an amazing love for our son … before he is even born!

There are so many times when I look at Nicole, I find myself truly speechless.

Yes, me.  The person who enjoys communicating through words the most.  

In those moments, I become motionless and mute – with my eyes focused on her as I enjoy the emotions that race through me.  Early in our relationship I would believe she thought I had become “frozen” (like an electronic device).  Now, I know she gets it … so many times smiling back at me, then making one of her many hilarious facial expressions.  She is so amazing!

Just one more example about my soulmate … after a long day, we decided to go out for dinner last night.  Nicole left her phone in the car to charge when we entered the restaurant.  A little while later, I returned to the car to get her phone.  When I walked back into the restaurant, I watched Nicole watch me as I walked across the restaurant all the way to our table.   She did not stop smiling the entire time and we maintained eye contact the entire way.  I cannot tell you how incredible Nicole makes me feel, every single day!  I am so blessed!

I also feel blessed having my son, Eric in my life.  It is hard to believe he will be 18 years old next month and will start his senior year of high school this fall.  Having Eric in my life has been amazing and there is not a single day where I don’t relieve on of the thousands, if not ten thousands, of memories we share together,  He is so wonderful!

I feel truly blessed having Nicole’s daughter, Sydney, in my life too.  I met her for the first time in 2014, she was sitting on her bedroom floor in the townhouse on Oak street with her friend, Cassidy.  As I sat down next to them and talked, I had a really good feeling it was the start of something awesome.  Now, three years later, I realize that was so true – as Syd is another amazing blessing in my life.  She is so awesome!

I believe Nicole and I have truly been blessed by God, with all the wonderful family and friends we have in our lives.  As we navigate through these final weeks of the pregnancy, we are both super excited to know we will be meeting our son, Phoenix Williams (aka “Finn”) at the end of this incredible, blessed journey!

Have a really great day!!!