Meet Phoenix

Since my last post, there have been quite a few updates with our pregnancy.  As we reach the halfway point, I am very pleased to present photos of Mr. Phoenix (Finn) Williams Vester from the ultrasound on March 7th:


We are beyond excited with the positive report we received regarding Phoenix.  In fact, everyone at Community North Hospital talked about the excellent markers that were captured during the ultrasound, which lasted over 30 minutes as baby Finn continued to race around inside his beautiful momma.

I should probably take a few paragraphs to provide an update on our pregnancy …

January 9th

Just after the new year started, Nicole and I attended a scheduled appointment with Dr. Perry.  During the ultrasound, we received news that one of the two twins had vanished.  This was the first time I had ever heard of a “vanishing twin” and it was heartbreaking to know that one of the two babies weren’t going to make it.

That evening, I truly feel like the level of our relationship grew deeper and stronger.

Arthur Golden once wrote “Adversity is like a strong wind.  It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we can see ourselves as we really are.”

As Nicole and I talked and held each other, all the things that did not matter simply drifted away and we found ourselves speaking heart to heart, soul to soul, about what truly matters in life.  The words we spoke that challenging evening paled in comparison to the non-verbal communication we gained – growing closer than we had ever been before.

The Next Several Weeks

With our relationship growing stronger, we could not help but wonder about the health of our baby.  While our doctor indicated that vanishing twins happens more than people realize, it was tough not to imagine all the possibilities that could happen on the path before us.  We continued to reflect on how God has continued to bless our relationship and lives as a way to soothe the uncertainty.

On February 3rd, Dr. Perry recommended that Nicole have blood drawn to have a Panorama test done.  This noninvasive prenatal screening test would not only reveal risk for genetic disorders, but would reveal the sex of our baby as well.  The test results would take 10 of more days to return the results and Nicole had plans to surprise me with the sex of our baby.  We were hopeful to find out the sex of our baby by Valentine’s day.

What no one had really realized, is that the Panorama test isn’t designed to function with multiple birth scenarios.  As a result, the time spent waiting for the results, provided no insight into the sex or health of our baby.  The findings of the test were suggested to be tossed out – since nothing was complete.

Instead, Dr. Perry recommended we have a full ultrasound and consider an Amniocentesis, based upon the results of the ultrasound.  For the full ultrasound, we would visit a different center on the northeast side of Indianapolis – staffed with experts in their field.  That appointment was scheduled for March 7th – two weeks away.  As much as we tried to keep things into perspective, those next fourteen days were difficult to keep our mind’s in check.

Community North Visit

I cannot think of a time where I was more nervous than the morning of March 7th – the day of the full ultrasound.  I continued to focus on the positive side of things and be there for Nicole in every manner possible.  I could not imagine what was going on inside her mind.

As the technician prepared to start the ultrasound, we asked if she would be able to see things about our baby.  She indicated that she could.  We asked if she would be able to tell us what she saw.  She indicated that she really could not, since it was more her job to gather the information for the doctor.  It was the doctor’s job to communicate the results to us.

As soon as she started the ultrasound and I started to see the image of our baby in 3D, I could not help but smile – despite the nervousness that raced through my mind.  Seeing our baby zoom around inside his beautiful mother made me happy beyond words.  While I could easily pick out some of the images on the screen, other times I was clueless as the baby’s body was being analyzed.  At one point, I thought we were looking at the baby’s brain, but the technician posted “kidneys” on the screen.  I wasn’t even close at understanding what was on the screen.

My inability to know what I was looking at, caused me to miss knowing the sex of the baby.  Nicole later confessed that she had noticed, but did not share with me, since she waited for the technician to ask us if we wanted to know.  When she asked if we wanted to know the sex, we enthusiastically responded with a profound “Yes!” and she told us we are having a boy:


With the name already decided, we realized the beautiful baby racing around inside his mother would be known as Phoenix (Finn) Williams Vester.  To make things even funnier, as the technician captured photos of Finn’s hands, he decided to flip us the bird:


Those who know us and our sense of humor certainly are not surprised that little Finn decided to make this motion when the ultrasound focused on his cute little hand.  Life is going to be amazing raising him together!

The technician finished her tasks and printed several images for us.  As she walked towards the door, she told us that our baby boy looked “absolutely perfect!”  Her words caused a tremendous weight to be lifted off our backs.

We quickly sent text messages to our immediate family and even posted on Facebook for everyone else to see that we are having a baby boy!

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 5.04.33 PM

A few minutes later, the doctor arrived and confirmed what the technician told us.  In greater detail, he told us how everything looked normal with baby Finn and that the results of the Panorama should definitely be discarded.  Based upon these results and the risks with the Amniocentesis, we decided against having the Amniocentesis test done.


As Nicole nears the halfway point of the pregnancy, I could not be more excited about the baby we are bringing into the world.  I know that we are going to be amazing parents, giving Finn a loving family – devoted to each other and a relationship with God.  We are truly blessed beyond words.  We have said it so many times, we are truly blessed!

The seventh day of March continues to be an amazing day for Nicole and me.  It was on this day that we pledged our love to each other in front of Elvis (well really Kent Ripley dressed up as Elvis), our family and friends … both in person and over a live stream available for all to see.



What an amazing day.  It was also the day that we truly got to see our son for the very first time.

Truly, this day will always be one of the best days of my life!!!

Have a really great day!!!


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  1. Thanks for the update! The pictures are really great. Nicole looks very happy, and I know you are!! Love you!!

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