Signs …

me30bSigns … mostly unexpected, can range from something that is seen, to hearing a piece of music, breathing in a certain scent, having a random dream, or experiencing a particular emotion. They capture one’s attention – giving the feeling that the occurrence is more than a simple coincidence … maybe even an destined milestone.

I’ve often wondered if such signs really do exist – if they are the work of God … or even the devil.  Along those same lines, I wonder if consequences exist for ignoring such signs when they appear.

I have come to understand that my personality will always maintain attachments to sights, sounds, scents and experiences.  While I don’t believe that is the case for everyone, I know it is part of who I am.  Overall, I feel that such an attribute is a quality that allows someone to make the most of every situation – which makes me feel like this is the part that is a gift from above.

However, the biggest consequence of such a trait is when those signs trigger a memory that is linked to a not-so-great situation.  In this case, you can find yourself reliving that situation over again – which makes me think this may not be a gift from above.  🙂

So … do signs exist?  

I believe the answer varies from one individual to the next.  If your personality is similar to mine and you tend to tie sights, sounds, scents and experiences to life events – then the answer is probably yes.  If the answer is not yes, you probably stopped reading this article a few minutes ago.  🙂 

For those who maintain this personality trait, I encourage you to realize that this is a gift which offers you the ability to experience life at a slightly elevated level.  In the spirit of living life to the fullest, I trust you will not deny yourself this opportunity.

So what do you do when these very signs trigger a not-so-great emotion?  I recommend keeping the following items in mind:

  • Accept the fact that the not-so-great emotions exist – life always has challenges.
  • Seek the lesson or the good from those moments – which may take time to recognize.
  • Understand those situations will play a key role in a future segment of your life.

Like any struggle, we often cannot wrap our mind around the greatness that can be found after we navigate through the darkness.  However, once the burden is lifted and the darkness is gone, it is easy to reflect back and comprehend things which we thought we would never understand.  When this happens, those signs which used to trigger not-so-great emotions morph into signs that are part of a bigger destiny.

What consequences exist for ignoring such signs?

Ignoring signs when they appear before you is similar to trying to run away from your struggles.  (That, in itself, is probably the topic for another post.)  The key is to realize you are robbing yourself from an amazing attribute of your personality.  Instead, take time to accept, seek and understand the meaning behind the signs (as noted above).

As we close out 2014, I wanted to thank you for reading my posts.  It means so much to me, as writing is certainly a passion I maintain.  My goal is that my thoughts can help you in one way or another.

I hope that the year 2014 was everything you wanted it to be and I wish you only the best for 2015 – that your dreams become realities.

Have a really great day!!!