Taking Mary’s Approach …

me17bWith Christmas approaching and the year 2013 coming to an end, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this month’s article to Mary and the challenges she faced – without hesitation – in following the will of God.

If we put things into perspective, nothing could have been worse for Mary – to become pregnant out of wedlock.  By today’s standards, such a situation is far from uncommon.  Back then, however, the emotions that Mary felt and pain she endured were certainly the most challenging of her lifetime. Nothing could have impacted her more, than to walk this earth for nine months carrying a child without the baby’s father standing by her side.

But Mary did not let these things get to her.  Instead, she simply put her trust in God.

Through these last several weeks of the 2013 holiday season (which I will admit have been challenging to endure), I have meditated over the following points to give me strength:

  • God is Respectful – He wants to bring (and keep) dignity into our lives.
  • He is Eternal – God’s promises will last forever … and never be broken.
  • Trust in God – we should always trust in Him … even when we don’t understand.

I will likely not post another entry before 2013 ends, but I will admit that I am not sad to see 2013 drift away.  This year has been filled with quite a bit of pain and sadness, broken promises, and situations that I don’t know if I will ever fully understand.  While I often feel like I am in a similar position as Mary – I know that I am nowhere close to the pain and suffering she endured.  However, I am going to follow Mary’s lead – take her approach – and put my trust in God, even when I don’t fully understand everything that is going on in my life.

In two days, I am going to start a new tradition on Christmas day.  I will ask everyone celebrating with me to state one thing they are thankful for that has happened over the last year.  Perhaps, this can be part of your Christmas tradition as well.

On 01/01/2013, my Facebook post was “Happy New Year!!!  Hoping your dreams and wishes become realities.  Have a really great 2013!!!”  I truly meant everything I wrote in that post and was excited for the days ahead.  For 2014, I am going to try again, with the same thought for 2014.  I do hope for better results this time … and with God’s help, I believe that will be the case.

Thank you for reading this article and my goal is that you can gain something helpful by reading my thoughts. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Have a really great day!!!